About Us

When it comes down to it, we’re really just a couple of video game enthusiasts who love to make games. And we’re Big Dorks.

Epic_2022  Lee Perry – @MrLeePerry

Lee has been making games for around 20 years, making him actually older than dirt.  He has been Lead Designer at Epic Games, Art Director and Lead Level Designer at Ion Storm, President and Co-Founder of Bitmonster Games, Artist at SquareSoft, and several other roles before starting MoonStrike, and cofounding the company to go with it.

He has been a die hard convert of the VR movement, and after decades of doing art, scripting, animation, UI, writing, sound, etc… he recently self taught himself programming in order to better be able to prototype and try out cool new approaches to the technology.  MoonStrike started as one of those projects, go figure!

 Tiff  Tiffany Smith – @TiffLSmith

Tiffany has had a passion for games ever since she was a child. In 2001, Tiffany took her first job in the video game industry and has never looked back. She has worked on several notable titles over the years. Some of her work accomplishments include credits on Cave Story Wii and God of War3 Remastered.

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